Ryan D. Davis is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and a son of Arkansas House District 34.

He is a graduate of Little Rock Central High School. During his time at Central Ryan began what would become a life of service centered on children and youth advocacy. He recognizes that children are our greatest heritage and our only future. Indeed, Ryan was nationally recognized for his work with children at Advocates for Battered Women, and was the youngest among those honored to carry the 1996 Olympic Torch through Little Rock, AR on its way to Atlanta, GA.

Ryan D. Davis is currently the director of UA Little Rock-Children International, an International non-profit organization that works toward significant and transformational change in the lives of children, youth and families. Ryan believes that the health, education and empowerment of children and youth are as much a reality of our survival as it is a moral imperative:

“Arkansas ranks first among states for adverse childhood experiences, and third in the nation in childhood hunger, and household food insecurity. The number of children living in poverty in Arkansas ranks well above the national average and in 2018, Arkansas experienced its first decline in children covered by health insurance since 2010. Little Rock ranks below the much of the state in several of the poverty indicators. The statistics are as accurate as they are clinical and impersonal. At the ground level children who live in poverty have a poverty of opportunity, a poverty of encouraging circumstances, and a poverty of access and exposure to all that we are duty bound to give them. This is the shame of the effects of poverty in Little Rock, AR; that so many of Little Rock’s children are not able to see beyond the blight of their neighborhoods. That so few students are prepared when they enter school to flourish as they should, that less than half of all Little Rocks’ students have access to the world wide web at home, that fewer than a third of the students who qualify for free and reduced lunch have access to enriching and constructive out-of-school and summer-time activities - is shameful. Many of the students that I have encountered over my time as a youth advocate, are just as afraid of not  having a decent meal as they are of not having a decent future.

The God that I serve calls children a blessing and a gift! Their spirits are filled with innocence, joy and laughter. My savior, the radical itinerant preacher from occupied Palestine - Jesus, actually tells us to be like children and to come to Him full of faith and trust. We betray that trust if we don’t act immediately to secure our children’s future, and thus the future of our state”

Davis studied American Studies and Religion at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL. He also studied African American Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

Ryan is an ordained elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Associate Pastor at Bullock Temple C.M.E. Church located in the heart of District 34.

Ryan is a proud affiliate of Grass Roots Arkansas, a coalition of activist dedicated to fighting for an equitable Central Arkansas. He is a board member at The Arkansas Public Policy Panel, the executive committee of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, Decarcerate Arkansas, and Arkansas Coalition against the Death Penalty. Ryan D. Davis is chair of the board of Mosaic Templars Cultural Center and executive board member of the Friends of Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. He is a life member of the NAACP.

Ryan D. Davis is the grateful husband of Kimberly King Davis and the proud father of Delaney Davis (9), Sarah Davis (7), and Ella Davis (4), all of whom attend his alma mater, Mifflin W. Gibbs International Studies Magnet Elementary School, at the eastern edge of District 34.